The Walloon, Brussels and Flemish cities and municipalities) do not accept that the local police services have to be paid to the miljoenenfactuur for the recent salary increase for the police department. This is The period of Time and Ultrasound today.

all The mayors and the Union of Walloon Cities and Municipalities (UVCW) to the Council of State against the recent pay raise for the police department. They want to be in the Royal Decree of June 20, destruction.

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for The three associations of local authorities of the Brussels-based Brulocalis, the Walloon UVCW) and the Association of Flemish Cities and Municipalities (VVSG), have had earlier in their statements to the federal government, states that the sectoral agreement for local police services between 2019-2023 more than 114 million euros of the cost.

the VVSG will take, not only at the federal level, it is necessary to present the question, as the local police forces and employers will have to pay for it. However, in contrast to their Walloon and Brussels counterparts will to the VVSG, that are not challenging for the Council of State. “It’s definitely a challenge, but we want to be there all along the political road to the next federal government that will offset additional costs,” says VVSG-president: Nathalie Debast.