Children-whistle-blowers: what the Soviet Union murdered pioneers

History 20/02/20 Kids-whistle-blowers: what the Soviet Union murdered the pioneers

After the “heroism” of Pavlik Morozov, the newspaper “Pionerskaya Pravda” wrote: “instead of him… go and new will come hundreds and thousands of children”; or “Millions Pavlik in school…” In the 1930-ies the Soviet leadership was cultivated and encouraged among children, the practice of denunciation not only neighbors, but also for parents.

In the then edition of “the Children’s Communist movement” in every edition there were stories about such “heroic actions” of the pioneers (with names, dates, portraits). And most importantly cited the texts of the denunciations of teachers, counselors, parents and friends. Predecessors and imitators of Pavlik Morozov was necessary to the authorities in the difficult conditions of collectivization, however, the children that were resolved in the denunciation, were vulnerable to lynching, completed over them family and neighbors.

Pioneers in the protection of the collective farm bread

in the Spring of 1934 Olya them gave his father and his friends who stole and sold grain. The idea to report the crime came to her only after joining the pioneer organization, where she explained how to be a real pioneer. Father Oli and other 16 people were sentenced to long prison terms. One evening the girl strongly beat, it even had to be sent to a sanatorium to improve their health. During the Patriotic war of them began to cooperate with the Germans that stayed in the camp for 10 years.

Student miss Kolybin told her mother, which gathered at the farm the ears of corn and grain to feed him. For the exposure of the boy’s mother thanked the ticket to “Artek”. Pioneer Rostov region Dmytro Gordienko has passed seven of its neighbors, picks the fallen ears of wheat. Husband shot his wife was sentenced to 10 years with confiscation of property. For the “feat” Dima got a watch, a pioneering suit, boots, and a subscription to the newspaper “Lenin’s grandchildren”.

Many of the pioneers killing villagers or relatives of prisoners. Denunciations of believers slaughtered in Donetsk, the boy Vitya Gurin, and rich peasants of the village – Vasilisa Cilino. Chicana Djakypova killed the signal to the priest; Mikhail Dyakov – because he snitched on farmers who do not come to work; teenager Nikolay Ryabov – the denunciation of a brother who unscrewed the nut from the farm implement. Still five years before the Pavlik Morozov of Tesla from the village Sorochyntsi, Poltava massacred the villagers, who blamed him for the fact that he betrayed his own father.

Kohl Myagotin – fabricated Morozov

While authorities are preparing a demonstration trial of the killers of pioneer Pavlik Morozov, in the village Kolesnikov Kurgan region there was another crime. Kohl Myagotina raised mother, the widow of a red army soldier. Due to the fact that the house was not enough food, she gave the boy to an orphanage, where he took the pioneers. When nick returned to his native village, dekulakization had already ended. Rich peasants were deported, but left a lot of drunks, bullies and people that are hostile towards the Bolsheviks.

Invisible boy pioneer listened and remembered the conversation. Everyone heard about Kohl reported to the village Council, who then dealt with unreliable elements. About who exposes the village, they in turn told a friend If Peter Vakhrushev. “Pioneer truth” pathetic subsequently wrote that Kohl Magotan fulfilling their pioneer duty, told village Council, as former kulaks were stealing bread, spoil farm equipment, stealing and maiming livestock. In October 1932, the fists FOTA Sychev and Vahrusheva brothers shot 13-year-old hero.

After the collapse of the USSR General Prosecutor’s office and the Presidium of the Supreme court has twice reviewed the case. It turned out that the looting of collective property was not. Nick and his friend Peter Vakhrushev themselves stealing sunflower seeds from the field. And while the theft of teenagers saw the guard-soldier, who killed the Myagotina of Rougerd.

Then, with the help Vakhrusheva the case was fabricated, aimed at neutralizing the unwanted village Council entities. In December 1932 for the “murder” of the pioneer shot five people, six received 10 years in prison and one sentenced to one year of forced labor. Peter Vakhrushev, accusing siblings, had disappeared, and the mother If found hanged in the woods.

Amergin the son of Vuni: Chukotka Pavlik

At the time of dispossession in the Chukotka district in the village of Anadyr from the center came two commissioners Bolshevik. They arrived to struggle against the local exploiters and the creation of a collective farm, which will include the Chukchi. Local residents of the plans came people did not like, and night Chukchi killed them.

Boy Amergin son Wony overheard a conversation from which I learned who committed the murder, they escaped to Alaska and that is the same way with herds of deer are going to leave the USSR to America by their families. Amergin stole the dog’s harness and ran away to the city, where he reported everything to the police. The power of all those responsible punished. Boy the neighbors are night ambushed and stabbed multiple times with an axe, and then threw him into a pit to die. But Amergin survived, and when in gratitude for what he did joined the pioneers, he was given a new name – Pavlik.

During the time of Stalin’s repressions was officially registered 56 murders of child informers. Propaganda used the tragedy for their own purposes and put the slain Teens in example to the younger generation.

Alexander Brazhnik

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