(Berlin) King Charles III warned on Thursday of “the threat” Russia’s invasion of Ukraine poses to Europe’s security and “our democratic values”, in historic speech to German MPs .

“But the world did not watch idly,” added the British sovereign, underlining the “major role” played by his country and Germany in supporting Kyiv, especially on the military level.

He praised the deliveries of heavy weapons to Ukraine by Germany, a country deeply pacifist since the horrors of Nazism and which has long been reluctant to take this step.

“Germany’s decision to send massive military aid to Ukraine is courageous, important and welcome,” he said.

“We are devastated by the terrible destruction (in Ukraine), but we can draw courage from our unity,” the ruler said, speaking mostly in German.

Charles III, king since September, is the very first monarch to address deputies inside the Bundestag. They applauded him for a long time.

Accompanied by Queen Consort Camilla, he made his very first foreign trip to Germany as a sovereign.

This three-day visit is placed under the sign of the bonds of friendship between the two countries and constitutes an important European gesture after the exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union.