Starting in August, the Tiergarten district court will hear the charges against the neo-Nazis Sebastian T. and Tilo P. for two right-wing extremist arson attacks and other acts.

Last Thursday, the expanded jury admitted several charges that had been raised by the public prosecutor’s office more than a year ago. A court spokeswoman said on Tuesday.

The two extremists are said to have set fire to the car of the bookseller Heinz Ostermann and that of the left-wing politician Ferat Kocak in quick succession on the night of February 1, 2018. The Nazi opponents should obviously be punished and intimidated for their commitment.

The vehicles were destroyed by the fire. The attacks are considered a sad climax in the series of more than 70 right-wing attacks in Neukölln since 2013, including 23 arson attacks. The crimes worry the city, the security authorities are under pressure.

Since January 2017 at the latest, the two men are said to have agreed to carry out the arson attacks on the vehicles. In addition, the two neo-Nazis are accused of pasting posters and stickers with right-wing extremist slogans in Berlin on various occasions, especially in 2017, together with three other defendants.

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In addition, there is the allegation of fraud against T., he is said to have given false information for the receipt of unemployment benefit II.

The district court will hear the charges on August 29. So far, ten days of negotiations have been scheduled for this.

After years of investigations, investigations and discussions, the investigative committee of the Berlin House of Representatives on the right-wing extremist series of attacks in Neukölln will start this Thursday. He should deal with the numerous arson attacks, property damage and threats in Neukölln, especially between 2016 and 2019 – and above all find out mistakes and breakdowns by the police.

The police assume at least 70 acts. Among them are more than 14 arson attacks, in which cars also went up in flames. The victims were mostly people who were active against right-wing extremism.