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Sunday, May 22, 2022
According to a U.S. official, the Pentagon will approve the deployment of 700-800 unarmed National Guard troops in Washington. This is in response to trucker convoys who plan to protest pandemic restrictions starting next week. The U.S. Capitol Police and...
Singapore France pointedly omitted Australia when laying out its Indo-Pacific Strategy. This comes as France's fury simmers over the tearing up of a $90 Billion submarine deal and President Emmanuel Macron’s claim that Scott Morrison, Prime Minister, lied to him. Paris...
Ketanji Jackson, the Supreme Court nominee, returned to the Senate Wednesday for a third day hearings. Republicans tried to portray her as softon crime while Democrats celebrated the historic nature her nomination to be the first Black woman to serve on...
This case could fundamentally change the American abortion access landscape. The Supreme Court will hear oral arguments Dec. 1 in a case that is highly anticipated and could significantly alter abortion access within the United States. Although the court could reverse Roe v. Wade's landmark...
Crowd waited almost two minutes for couple to emerge After President Biden arrived late for a Christmas tree lighting, the crowd was instructed to redo their applause. The Christmas tree lighting ceremony was hosted by LL Cool J. The President and First Lady...
Arizonans weigh the pros and cons to Biden's trillions of dollars into the economy SCOTTSDALE (Ariz.) - While nearly half of voters support President Biden’s Build Back Better framework for rebuilding the country, even his supporters are concerned about the...
Employee training labels 'cisgender males' as oppressors of "cisgender females" FIRST ON FOX Employee training at the Department of Transportation informed employees that non-White citizens, women, and non-citizens were "oppressed" in America, according to Fox News' review of training documents. According to Freedom of...


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RB Leipzig wins DFB Cup final after penalties

So many sad people from Freiburg in such a small space, until Saturday in Berlin there was probably only one time in the Prenzlauer...