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Tuesday, February 25, 2020
Contents page 1 — The new Marianne page 2 — Symbol of this revolt On a page In the community hall of the small town of Louviers in Normandy read has set Ingrid levavasseur in the last row...
USA - David Malpass as the new world Bank chief U.S. nominated for President Donald Trump has one of its government employees nominated as the new head of the world Bank. David Malpass is considered to be critics of...
The global economy is losing momentum, the industry is less well – in this country for more Economists to expect less growth. The ifo Institute for economic research, a halving of its forecast. Accordingly, the Economists expect...
Due to cruelty to animals in factory farming is condemned on Friday a pig farmer by the Ulm district court to three years in prison. Due to the catastrophic conditions in his stables in Merklingen, hundreds of...
In Berlin, launched a Europe-wide Initiative for affordable housing. EU-citizens can participate in the signature collection, which is supported by the German Confederation of trade unions and the tenants ' Association. "We must not leave Europe to...
Contents page 1 — It is always more expensive page 2 — demolition and new construction in Cape town will, no tenant protection in Beijing page 3 — In Auckland, you'll be in a garage, in Zurich, there was...
The share of renewable energy in the public power mix continues to increase. This is evident from the annual evaluation for the production of electricity in Germany, which was presented by the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar energy...


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Chukchi-Russian war: what they ended actually

Chukchi-Russian war: what they ended actually

Russia's war with the Chukchi lasted from 1642 to 1775-the year actually ended in a draw. Russian citizenship of the Chukchi was nominal. Until 1920-ies the Chukchi governed by the laws of elder birth. To issue a decree, declaring on the accession of the Chukotka of the Russian Empire (1779), Catherine II gave the liberation of the Chukchi from paying tribute for ten years. However, after this period, to levy a tribute from the Chukchi proved impossible. This was confirmed in the "Charter on the management of foreigners" (1822), according to which the Chukchi to pay tribute voluntarily and could not be compelled to this. Thus, in the course of nearly half a century of wars with the Russian Chukchi managed to defend its independence.