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Tuesday, February 25, 2020
US President Donald Trump has for the first time, acknowledged that the saudi Arabian Journalist Jamal Khashoggi, who disappeared two weeks ago, in the Consulate of his country in Istanbul, Turkey and whose fate remains unknown, probably...
Despite dozens of meetings and dozens of hours of discussion between Michel Barnier, the european side, and David Davis and Dominic Raab on the british side (six meetings since July 19), this is not...
not meet the simplest requirements from the provider, it is advisable to have another Shop to choose to go without Trouble to the desire article. A good way to check the reliability of an Online store, are...
Almost ten years since it was announced : the end of banking secrecy in switzerland is coming into force at the end of September. The banks of them have started exchanging information automatically (when he had to ask one...
to be prompted Just the beginning of the dark Season, which is particularly exploited in the case of property crimes to the police inspection Germersheim, a large-scale control on the main transport axis B9 in a northerly...
In the past few days had made thousands of Hondurans because of the violence and poverty in their country walk on the road in the United States. They moved to Guatemala or El Salvador and want to...
"you must All make an effort, now, this is not a game": The German Minister of state for Europe Michael Roth (SPD) considers the situation in the Brexit negotiations as "very serious". Germany wanted "a...


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Chukchi-Russian war: what they ended actually

Chukchi-Russian war: what they ended actually

Russia's war with the Chukchi lasted from 1642 to 1775-the year actually ended in a draw. Russian citizenship of the Chukchi was nominal. Until 1920-ies the Chukchi governed by the laws of elder birth. To issue a decree, declaring on the accession of the Chukotka of the Russian Empire (1779), Catherine II gave the liberation of the Chukchi from paying tribute for ten years. However, after this period, to levy a tribute from the Chukchi proved impossible. This was confirmed in the "Charter on the management of foreigners" (1822), according to which the Chukchi to pay tribute voluntarily and could not be compelled to this. Thus, in the course of nearly half a century of wars with the Russian Chukchi managed to defend its independence.