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At once all the talk of "shareholder democracy". You will be back. Alternatively, this is seen as a good start or not enough. The reason for the Revival of the term is that recently, twice in a...
The Integration of refugees in Germany runs to the view of Ingo Kramer was significantly more successful than anticipated. "More than a Million people came, especially since 2015, according to Germany, have today, soon to 400,000 of...
Contents page 1 — is Now back in the hands page 2 — Everything spat a colossal waste of tax money? On a page Peter Altmaier, the acting Federal Minister for economic Affairs, read comes in set of...
the Federal health Minister, Jens Spahn (CDU) is widely criticised for his proposal that children should loose pay a higher contribution for the care insurance. To support parents was a task for the whole society, said a...
The bookstore chains Thalia and mayersche buchhandlung want to merge. Through the merger of the market leader with the number four of the most important family of emerging "led retail book dealers in Europe", stated the company....
Peter Altmaier ventured out of the cover, after the climate summit in Katowice came to an end. The country's need for "a new start-up by politics and the economy," said the Federal Minister for economic Affairs in...
After criticism of a German group of pulmonary doctors of the limit values for nitrogen oxide, has the Federal Minister of transport, Andreas Scheuer of the EU Commission, to check the values. As the Bild newspaper reported,...


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Over the upscale Berlin District of Grunewald perched a mysterious fortress, crowned by four white domes: the devil's mountain. The Field Station...