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Tuesday, November 30, 2021
Hamont-Achel Tennis champion, Elise, Will, it is Tuesday afternoon in the town hall of the town of Hamont-Achel to be honored after her first grandslamtitel. This past Sunday, won the usage to the finale of the vrouwendubbelspel at the...
The consumer Ordered, we will have our Big Mac at the drive-thru window at a robot instead of a human being? You will be looking forward to it. McDonald's is planning to be at the drive-thru of its subsidiaries...
Knowing the Former F1 world champion Michael Schumacher, was recorded yesterday in Paris 'Georges Pompidou hospital for an' undisclosed medical procedure,” as reported by the daily Le Parisien yesterday. The internationally renowned French heart surgeon, Philippe Ménasché, there would...
Living room. It's not because of the time it was around, Ann Demeulemeester of the Antwerp fashion designer, effectively stilzat. The following month, it is her first collection of dinnerware, glasses and cutlery to buy from sell their. It...
The music of The duo Susan & Frank has, as of today, a weekly section in the Qmusic-ochtendshow, Sam De Bruyn, Inge De Vogelaere, and Wim Oosterlinck. Every Wednesday, they bring a live cover of the song. Today, magically,...
Barcelona is the dramatic increase in the number of robberies with violence, and, in the summer especially, tourists are the victims. The authors end by the way only one out of ten will be (temporarily) into the cell. ...
Science-A team of paleontologists in Canada have a new pterosaurussoort have been identified that have a wing span of ten metres and 250 kilograms of weight. It's going to be a huge flying reptile in the Cretaceous era alive....


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