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Tuesday, February 25, 2020
In the framework of the regular championship of the Continental hockey League (KHL) Moscow "Dynamo" on home ice in the penalty shootout beat capital "Spartak" – 2:1. The meeting was held in the format of a retro match, which was dedicated to 1960-th years.
During the great Patriotic war the Nazis sought to "to the max" to use collaborationist personnel. One of the most "elite" institutions, where the Germans took Soviet citizens, was the division "SS-Jagdverband" headed by the legendary saboteur Otto Skorzeny.
In the match of the 27th round of the English Premier League Arsenal on the pitch of their home stadium "Emirates" has won strong-willed victory over Liverpool Everton – 3:2. The gunners are unbeaten in the Premier League to seven games – three wins, four draws.
There is a popular belief that the unusually severe frosts in November of 1941 disrupted the final offensive of the Wehrmacht on Moscow. Many historians assert that the German troops were not provided with winter clothing because Hitler was planning a winter campaign. Find other reasons.
In the match of the 27th round of the English Premier League "Manchester United" on the home stadium "old Trafford" defeated "Watford" – 3:0. "Cherche" brought losing streak in the Premier League to five games – three defeats, two draws.
In the match of the second round of the qualifying stage of the European championship on basketball of 2021 men's team of Russia in Perm won the national team of Northern Macedonia with the score 77:67 (19:20, 19:16, 19:17, 20:14).
The message of Ivan IV the European monarchs – a unique monument of literature, allowing us to feel the character and mindset of the king. In them terrible, ignoring all sorts of conventions of language that boldly exposes and teaches their opponents, resorting to the variety of intonation – from light irony to undisguised sarcasm.


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Chukchi-Russian war: what they ended actually

Chukchi-Russian war: what they ended actually

Russia's war with the Chukchi lasted from 1642 to 1775-the year actually ended in a draw. Russian citizenship of the Chukchi was nominal. Until 1920-ies the Chukchi governed by the laws of elder birth. To issue a decree, declaring on the accession of the Chukotka of the Russian Empire (1779), Catherine II gave the liberation of the Chukchi from paying tribute for ten years. However, after this period, to levy a tribute from the Chukchi proved impossible. This was confirmed in the "Charter on the management of foreigners" (1822), according to which the Chukchi to pay tribute voluntarily and could not be compelled to this. Thus, in the course of nearly half a century of wars with the Russian Chukchi managed to defend its independence.