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Thursday, February 20, 2020
The head coach Moscow "Spartaka" Oleg Znarok commented on the victory of his team over Magnitogorsk "metallurg" in the championship KHL. The mentor red-white reported that his team did a good job in the break, but bad rolled into the game with "Magnitogorsk".
After independence, the Baltic republics began to actively publicize information about the KGB activities in its territory. Currently, anyone can visit the former secret prison in Vilnius where in the Soviet era dissidents were kept.
Roeselare With an iron bar Pol, M., (45) this past weekend and his wife is beaten to death. It seems that the man had acted in a spur of the moment, when he came to the woman's in order...
In the classic sense of a military man, the concept of a mine refers to an explosive device disguised in the ground or water, but usually motionless. This view of mine tried to change the Germans during the Second World war, creating an explosive device moving on tracks with a great name "Goliath".
The main enemy of the USSR in the far East, as we know, was not only Japan. Kuomintang China under the leadership of the nationalist Chiang Kai-shek did not hide his hostile attitude toward Moscow. The storm, which nearly ended in a full war broke out in 1929. For the red Army, these events were the first major military conflict since the end of the Civil war.
Before the arrival of the Germans Boris Menshagin was a brilliant representative of the then intelligentsia: he served as an attorney in her native Smolensk. However, during the occupation of Menshagin took the post of mayor of this city, for which he later was sentenced to 25 years in prison. His term collaborator completed.
In the capital of the Principality of Monaco local club received the "Montpellier" in the framework of the 25th round of the championship of the highest division of French football League 1. The hosts won with the minimum account 1:0, and midfielder team Russia Alexander Golovin scored effective transfer.


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How many billions has Russia lost during the First Chechen

How many billions has Russia lost during the First Chechen

Formally, the war, which will be discussed, lasted from 11 December 1994 (according to other sources – 31 November) to August 31, 1996. But the events that led to it, developed a 4-year, public statements by Boris Yeltsin in Kazan on 6 August 1990: "Take as much sovereignty as you can swallow!". In August 1991 led by Dzhokhar Dudayev "United Congress of the Chechen people" (NCCP) was on the side of Boris Yeltsin. Russia became an independent state in December 1991.