To little known pages of the Afghan war are the actions of the Mujahideen in the Soviet territory. About who sponsored and directed these actions, it became known only years later after the Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan.
A fundamental decision the Soviet Union declared war on Japan no later than three months after victory over Germany was advised by Stalin to the allies at the Tehran conference in November 1943. In February 1945 at the next meeting of the "Big Three" in Yalta this promise was formalized in concrete agreements.
Second world war remembered not only the millions of victims among the soldiers of warring armies, but also a significant number of prisoners. For the two protagonists of this unprecedented global contractions – the Soviet and German figures captured was also seven figures. The circumstances of hits in the hands of the enemy was very different, including the voluntary addition of weapons.
Identification locket of a soldier, often called a death medallion or just "suicide", was introduced in the red army order of the revolutionary military Council in 1925 and was intended for storing all the necessary information about the soldier to identify his person in case of injury or death. However, search teams, leading excavations on the site of the battles of the great Patriotic war, the death medallions – discovery are infrequent. And for good reason.
Between Georgy Zhukov and Mikhail Katukov during the war times there is all kinds of friction. Some of these conflicts were unfounded, and some were unfounded. Once the bugs even wrote on Katukova denunciation. Moreover, the note Georgy pushed those sins Katukova, in which he was seen by himself.
The fact that the Nazis had a weakness to different kinds of slogans for anybody not a secret. And words, phrases, and quotations were used by the German propaganda, not only to strengthen the military spirit of soldiers or "advertising" famous ideology. All sorts of slogans "decorated" and the gates of many concentration camps.
With the beginning of the great Patriotic war, when the strength of Patriotic feelings of the Soviet people depended all his future, the country's leadership decided to replace "outdated", in the words of Stalin, "the international" new, relevant spirit of the time with the national anthem. The "Internationale," which served since 1922 as the official anthem of the Soviet Union, personified the struggle of the people for freedom and calling for the fire of world revolution. The task of the new anthem was the strengthening of spiritual braces of the nation and appeal to the sovereign consciousness of the country opposing the evil world. The winner of the competition announced by the Bolshevik party among Soviet composers and poets, was the version written by Sergei Mikhalkov and journalist Grigory El-Registan, music by Alexander Alexandrov. Their legal rights, the new national anthem of the Soviet Union joined with the beginning of 1944, and during its existence has undergone several revisions. Few people know that in the country's history was a long period when the national anthem was performed without words.


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