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Tuesday, February 25, 2020
From December 1923 to August 1941, the year in the USSR there was an Autonomous socialist Soviet Republic of the Volga Germans. According to various sources, the outbreak of war among its population there were from 350 to 400 thousand ethnic Germans. Not less than 200 thousand were Russians and Ukrainians, who used the German language as the second native and close to their traditions in the German culture. And if before the beginning of the great Patriotic war, no national prejudice in the red army was not, then from June 1941, the attitude of the Soviet Germans has greatly changed.
Tennis player from Hungary Timea Babos and Frenchwoman Kristina Mladenovic won the first of the season tournament "Grand slam" in women's doubles category. In the final of the Australian Open, they defeated the Czech Barbora Strycova and the representative of Chinese Taipei C'est Suva.
Most biographers, listing friends of Vladimir Vysotsky, one of the first always call of the Director of Levon Kocharian. There is a version that Kocharian bard has dedicated the famous song "Big carriage". Unfortunately, the filmmaker was measured only 40 years of life. With his death, many former friendships Vysotsky also broke.
As you know, in the Soviet years there have been many kinds of orders, medals and other awards. However, the most expensive of them, as in the jewelry and morally, after all, was established during the Great Patriotic war. However, if one of the criteria to consider the high cost of rare rewards, then this category can be attributed to the order established in 1974.
The meeting between the "Los Angeles kings" and "Arizona coyotes" ended the next game day of the regular season of the National hockey League. "Kings" on the road won in overtime with the score 3:2, interrupted pathmatcher a series of defeats.
Russian national team on mini-football in the match of the elite qualifying round of the world championship-2020 met with the team of Azerbaijan. The Russians unexpectedly lost to the rival with the score 3:4 and make a goal of getting to the world championship.
It is impossible not to recognize that Adolf Hitler was a great orator. His speeches he infected millions. However, the recent statement by the f├╝hrer was broadcast on radio, the same enthusiasm has not caused. Despite the fact that Hitler urged his compatriots to stand up to the end, from his demon-possessed tone, the memories of a war interpreter Emanuela Levin not gone.


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Chukchi-Russian war: what they ended actually

Chukchi-Russian war: what they ended actually

Russia's war with the Chukchi lasted from 1642 to 1775-the year actually ended in a draw. Russian citizenship of the Chukchi was nominal. Until 1920-ies the Chukchi governed by the laws of elder birth. To issue a decree, declaring on the accession of the Chukotka of the Russian Empire (1779), Catherine II gave the liberation of the Chukchi from paying tribute for ten years. However, after this period, to levy a tribute from the Chukchi proved impossible. This was confirmed in the "Charter on the management of foreigners" (1822), according to which the Chukchi to pay tribute voluntarily and could not be compelled to this. Thus, in the course of nearly half a century of wars with the Russian Chukchi managed to defend its independence.