Case Kupriyanov: the court left twin baby girls adoptive mother

Today, June 18, Novosibirsk regional court quashed the decision of the Kirov district court and left the twins with a foster mother Olga Kupriyanova.

— the decision of the Kirov district court in Novosibirsk on October 31, 2019 to cancel. Take the case of a new decision to refuse Tomashova in the claims for the restoration of parental rights. Appeal Kupriyanova suit, the judge said.

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Five years ago, the family Kupriyanov took custody of twin baby girls Lisa and Tanya. Their mother Rigin Tomashova deprived of parental rights due to the fact that woman suffer from drug addiction and not involved in the upbringing of children. The girls have a serious illness, so when Tomashova demanded their return, the Trustees first were afraid for their lives.