Canadian athlete Vincent-Lapointe was not able to doping sexually

Multiple world champion in Canoeing canadian Laurence Vincent-Lapointe was convicted of doping. However, the athlete was not disqualified for violating anti-doping laws.

the Athletes were threatened with long disqualification for doping, but she got off lightly, was removed from the competition to ascertain the circumstances of the incident. Lawrence reported that the illegal substance got into her system after intimacy with her fiance. WADA found the arguments convincing and the athletes did not expose Vincent-Lapointe punishment.

Head of the Department of sports medicine and medical rehabilitation of the First Moscow state medical University (MSMU) named after I. M. Sechenov Evgeny Achkasov said the channel “Moscow 24”, the ability to sexually doping close to zero. Such is theoretically possible only if the concentration of the drug in the body of the sexual partner is many times valid. And this is virtually impossible.

the Expert called the situation outrageous. Also, the Professor noticed n that the athlete represents Canada, citizens of which many governing bodies of WADA.