Bulgaria s Parliament Approves New Government Bulgaria s new Prime Minister and leader of We Continue the Change PP party Kiril Petkov gives a speach in Council of Ministers building in Sofia, Bulgaria on 13 December 2021 . Sofia Bulgaria PUBLICATIONxNOTxINxFRA Copyright: xGeorgixPaleykovx originalFilename:paleykov-notitle211213_npzkF.jpg

In politically unstable Bulgaria, new elections are likely to be held in October for the fourth time in a year and a half. The Socialist Party on Wednesday admitted the failure of its attempt to form a minority government.

After just six months in office, pro-European Prime Minister Kiril Petkov was overthrown by a vote of no confidence in parliament in June. He did not get a majority afterwards.

Petkov had started with a promise to fight rampant corruption in the poorest EU member state under his conservative predecessor Boyko Borissov. He blamed Borisov, a well-known oligarch, and the Russian ambassador in Sofia for his dismissal.

His governing coalition was in crisis over disagreements over military aid to Ukraine and reduced gas supplies from Russia.