Bruges The city of Bruges, takes in the holiday season with a brand new concept: two hiking trails, the hot wintersfeer in the downtown area should be strengthened. “In a few weeks, we have daily to 50,000 visitors. We want to be in the hustle and bustle of spreading,” says lord mayor Dirk De fauw. In the Historic area on your kunstpiste on the water at the ice skating rink and you have to heat it in a large winterbar.

The town council was already well-known, the traditional ice rink in the Market place – in the shadow of the Belfry of bruges – is making way for a kunstijspiste to be on the water in Historic. After much discussion, there is now more clarity in relation to the rest of the kerstinvulling in the “breydel” city. In concrete terms, visitors will be between the 22nd november and the 5th of January and can enjoy the light and experience hikes are being passed through to the city centre, which started at the central Station. One route to the Historic, with the second route is trekking for the visitors in the direction of ‘t Zand square and the shopping district and traditional christmas market.