27.07.2022, Brandenburg, Potsdam: Eine Bodycam ist während eines Pressetermins an der Schutzweste eines Polizeibeamten befestigt, der mit einer Kollegin auf Streife geht. Ab sofort sollen Bodycams verschiedener Anbieter in der Potsdamer Polizeiinspektion getestet werden. Danach wird über eine mögliche landesweite Einführung der Technik entschieden. Foto: Soeren Stache/dpa/ZB - Honorarfrei nur für Bezieher des Dienstes ZB-Funkregio Ost +++ ZB-FUNKREGIO OST +++

The Brandenburg police have started using bodycams in the Potsdam police station. Initially, 15 devices are to be used, as the Ministry of the Interior announced on Wednesday. The officials use it to film what is happening during police operations after prior notice.

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“In order to prevent violence against police forces on duty in advance or at least to be able to punish them afterwards, the cameras will record the deployment behavior,” said Interior Minister Michael Stübgen (CDU). The data recorded by the clearly visible bodycams are to be sent to the police server and deleted after 14 days if they cannot be used as evidence or to check the legality of operations.