Schwule und Lesben versammeln sich zum Gedenken der Opfer des Anschlags auf den Homosexuellen-Klub Pulse in Orlando vor dem in Regenborgenfarben angestrahlten Brandenburger Tor. Berlin, 18.06.2016 Foto:xH.xViergutzx/xFuturexImage Gays and Lesbians gather to to Remembrance the Victims the Attack on the Homosexuals Club Pulse in Orlando before the in Regenborgenfarben angestrahlten Brandenburg goal Berlin 18 06 2016 Photo Xh xViergutzx xFuturexImage

After the terrorist attack in Oslo, the state of Berlin expressed its sympathy on Sunday. “As the rainbow capital, Berlin stands by the side of the people in Oslo and all of Norway who are mourning,” said Governing Mayor Franziska Giffey (SPD).

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“We will always fight for freedom and confront the enemies of democracy and our values,” emphasized the head of the Senate.

An attacker fired shots around a popular gay bar in Oslo on Saturday night. Two men were killed and more than 20 people injured. The Norwegian secret service PST classifies the attack as an Islamist terrorist attack.

According to the police, around 200 people commemorated the victims in Berlin on Saturday evening. The commemoration on Pariser Platz in Berlin city center went without incident, a police spokesman said on Sunday. Participants displayed rainbow flags, one wore a glowing cape.

The Berlin-Brandenburg Lesbian and Gay Association (LSVD) called for the event. “As a Berlin community, we are sending a strong sign of solidarity and against queer hostility to Oslo,” it said in a statement. According to the Senate, the Brandenburg Gate should be illuminated in the colors of the rainbow on Sunday evening. (dpa)