After the agreement on a constitutional amendment in the Brandenburg state parliament, the coalition is confident of a sufficient majority. “We assume that the majority is in place,” said coalition circles on Saturday.

The factions of the SPD, CDU and Greens and the opposition left jointly submit a motion on gender-neutral language, the appointment of the presidium and the fight against anti-Semitism. After sometimes controversial discussions, they have agreed on changes and want to present them on Tuesday.

The coalition has 60 votes. A two-thirds majority, or 59 votes, is required to amend the constitution. The state parliament will meet again before the summer break, probably from June 22nd to 24th.

The majority could also become even broader. The Free Voters with five MPs leave open whether they agree to the plans. Everything is still in flux, said the parliamentary group leader of BVB/Freie Wahler, Péter Vida. “We are counting on talks.” The negotiations so far have taken place without the largest opposition faction, the AfD, which rejects the constitutional amendment.

The SPD, CDU, Greens and Left want to anchor the fight against anti-Semitism as a state goal in the state constitution. What is new is that advocacy against antiziganism is also to be included in the constitution.

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Racism against Rom*nja and Sinti*zze is called antiziganism. The promotion of Jewish culture is also to be included. Also new is the goal of maintaining and developing friendly relations with neighboring Poland.

It is also planned that the largest opposition party – i.e. the AfD – will no longer necessarily receive a deputy post. A:e Vice President:tin or should belong to an opposition faction in the future.

Vice-President Andreas Galau from the AfD has received criticism from the other parliamentary groups, including his conduct of office. Some of these changes were also controversial within the coalition, but are no longer so.