38-year-old boxer Musa Yamak died on Sunday afternoon as a result of a fight on Saturday, police said on Monday.

According to the culture department, the man had fought two rounds. At the gong for the third round, he went to the middle of the ring and suddenly collapsed. He was resuscitated in the ring for a long time.

Because around 50 fans prevented the rescue service from supplying the Garching community center, more than 15 patrols and a special police unit moved in to secure the area.

According to their own account, the police had to arrive with a large contingent to secure Yamak’s treatment.

After treatment on site, the athlete was transported to a nearby hospital while still breathing. Disturbing fans who had to be calmed down by the police also gathered there again.

It was initially unclear whether the delayed rescue measures were responsible for the later death of the 38-year-old. In addition to a suspected blow to the head during the fight, an illness could also have been the cause of death, the police reported on Monday.

The city, in turn, denies the tumult during the emergency doctor’s mission: “It was dramatic and emotional, but there was definitely no disruption to the rescue team,” says Thomas Gotterbarm, cultural officer of the city of Garching.

The paths in the hall were immediately cleared for the rescue service. The audience – about 400 people – left the community center concerned.

The city also says that there were no riots in or in front of the hall. The event was professionally organized with helpers, a ring doctor and security. The mood was emotional and affected, the spectators behaved in a civilized manner.