Boris Menshagin: the fate of the traitor, who was mayor of Smolensk

History 08/01/20 Boris Menshagin: the fate of the traitor, who was mayor of Smolensk

Before the arrival of the Germans Boris Menshagin was a brilliant representative of the then intelligentsia: he served as an attorney in her native Smolensk. However, during the occupation of Menshagin took the post of mayor of this city, for which he later was sentenced to 25 years in prison. His term collaborator completed.

the Lawyer “enemies of the people”

Boris Georgievich Menshagin was born in 1902 in Smolensk. There he graduated from high school and joined the red Army. In the army Menshagin has served for approximately 8 years, after which, in his own words, that the future Nazi mayor cited in his memoirs “Memories: Smolensk – Katyn – the Vladimir prison,” was discharged “religious beliefs and regular Church attendance”. Suddenly after a failed attempt to make a military career Menshagin entered the law faculty of Moscow University. After graduating, Boris Georgievich worked briefly as a legal adviser in the capital, but later returned to his native land.

In Smolensk Menshagin continued to practice law as a lawyer. If you believe Oleg Smyslov, author of the book “Damned legions”, the period of collectivization Boris Menshagin was on the side of the peasants, and in the years of repression – was actively defended by the “enemies of the people”. Once in the course of the proceedings of sabotage in the livestock sector Menshagin came to the attorney General, a post which was occupied by Andrei Vyshinsky, and even had to review a number of death sentences. In that moment, when the Germans occupied Smolensk, Boris Menshagin worked at a local bar.

the fate of the mayor

at the very beginning of the great Patriotic war, in the summer of 1941, Boris Menshagin occupied the post of burgomaster of Smolensk, and then leave. According to Yuri Lenczewski, the author of the book “As SMERSH SPas Stalin” being the mayor, Menshagin led an active struggle with Soviet subversive groups and partisan detachments. Besides, Boris G. was seconded by the German guide to the excavations of the remains of the Polish prisoners of war shot in the Katyn forest. However, in the famous Nuremberg trials were not Menshagin, and his former Deputy Bazilevsky. The question of what purpose it was made, still remains open.

During the trial in Nuremberg Boris Menshagin was already in custody. Before he left his homeland together with German troops, therefore, was arrested by the Americans only in Karlovy vary. Coming out of the camp to freedom, Menshagin returned to the Czech Republic. As Alexander writes North in his book “Pavel Sudoplatov. Wolfhound Stalin” decided that his family arrested, Boris Georgievich himself appeared in the Soviet commandant’s office. In fact, his family was on the loose, but Menshagin sent to the Lubyanka, where he was held in solitary confinement until the beginning of 1950-ies.

a quarter of a century alone

For treason and treacherous activity Boris Menshagin was sentenced to a term of imprisonment in length of a quarter-century. All this time, the former mayor of Smolensk and Bobruisk was in Vladimir prison. As the author of the book “Vladimir Central”, Igor zakurdaev, with reference to eyewitnesses of detention Menshagin, the greater part of its assigned 25 years spent alone in the chamber. He really hated when he, albeit briefly, someone was “settled”. His relatives didn’t visit, and he never sought. To freedom Boris G. came only in 1976. By the time he had turned 74 years old.

Straight from prison of Boris Menshagin, like many other elderly prisoners, escorted in a wheel house located in the village of Knyazh’ya Guba Murmansk region. Menshagin, who had a phenomenal memory and could remember everything the date, the names, ever Figueroaschie in his life, in recent years, was engaged in writing his memoirs. A few discordant style of these memoirs is due to the fact that Boris Georgievich did not write, but dictated on tape, and all I wanted to tell. Time to do Menshagin was enough: he died in 1984 at the age of 82 years.

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