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a veteran of the Afghan war Boris kerimbayev was considered a legendary figure in the circles of soldiers-internationalists. Colonel, head of “the Muslim” special squad, became known as “the black major” or, in Turkish, “Kara major”. What is the native of Kazakhstan has earned such a nickname?

the name of the enemy

According to one version, Boris kerimbayev was “black major” due to its remarkable appearance, being dark by nature, under the Afghan sun he was very tan, making his skin was very dark.
However, the soldiers-“Afghans” who knew the Colonel, told me that he got the nickname thanks to one of the first episodes of his stay in Afghanistan. In 1981 Boris kerimbayev together with the soldiers led them 177 th “Kapchagai” special battalion was sent to Faryab province on the border with the Turkmen SSR. Initially, “the Second Muslim battalion” was created for a possible war in Xinjiang of China, so it is composed of many ethnic Kazakhs, Kyrgyz, Turkmens and Uzbeks. Around the city of Maimana, Soviet soldiers encountered serious resistance. The leader of the squad of the Mujahideen was operating in these places, called Movladi Kara under his control were several thousand people.
once once, during an 11-hour collision, the Afghans were completely defeated, by analogy with the name of the enemy fighters 177th oospn “assigned” their commander the nickname “Kara-major.” The first who used the expression was, according to eyewitnesses, the Kyrgyz fighter named Unduk, bad owned the Russian language. While resting after the fight in a conversation with colleagues Unduk used the following sentence:
“That’s all shout “Movladi car.” I spit on this Movladi car. I have my own “Kara major” there!”
the Nickname given to Kerimbaeva, caught on due to its semantic capacity and a certain consonance with the name of the major. It was also consistent with the traditions of the Turkic peoples, ekzoetnonim and anthroponyms which have the prefix “Kara”. In the history of the famous Karakalpak, Kara Sultan (Uzbek Khan Kistin), as well as a Central Asian dynasty of the Kara-khans (i.e., khans convert to Islam).
Boris kerimbayev outline the history of the appearance of his nickname a little differently:
“In the Northern province of Faryab, the gang leader was General Movladi car. And hence our soldiers ‘ the rumor went that against Movladi Kara fighting our “Kara major,” said Kerimbaev.
Glory “Kara major” was spread among the local population and even the spooks, astonished at how quickly the Soviet, Kazakh, restored order in the province.

“Kara major” vs “Panjshir lion”

notoriety “Kara major” was acquired later operations Farabi. In 1982-83 the years 177th oospn successfully resisted the forces of the influential field commander Ahmad Shah Massoud. Squad Kerimbaeva for 8 months stood under the Panjshir valley, constantly engaging in battles with Meadowlake. Angry, “Panjshir lion” promised to the one who will kill the “black major”, the fabulous award – $ 1 million. However, Massoud agreed to negotiate and even personally met Kerimbaeva. A major achievement was the conclusion of a temporary truce between the Soviet 40th army and the troops of Ahmad Shah Massoud. This was an exceptional case in the history of the Afghan war – none of the field commanders never went to the world with “shuravi”. During the year-long truce, the situation in Northern Afghanistan remained relatively calm.
At the end of 1983, the Boris kerimbayev left Afghanistan to return to 1985, as commander of the regiment. The star of Hero of the Soviet Union, he never received, although many were sure that if anyone it and need to give, so this is the famous “Kara major” Of the army, already Kazakhstan, Kerimbaev quit in 1992. In recent years the Colonel lived in Alma-ATA, leading the life of an ordinary pensioner. 12 Feb 2019 “black mayor” died three days before the 30th anniversary of the Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan.

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