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History 21/01/20 Bolshevik Lazurkina: how was “asked” to take Lenin and Stalin out of the Mausoleum

One of the old Bolshevik Dora Abramovna Lazurkina who personally knew Lenin, advocated the removal of the body of Stalin from the Mausoleum. Talking Dora Abramovna for this reason at the XXII Congress of the CPSU caused a flurry of applause. And only Vyacheslav Molotov, after hearing Lazurkina, called her a witch. And then Molotov was a very good reason.

a brief biography of Lazurkina

a native of the city of novozibkov, Chernigov province Dora Abramovna Lazukina imbued with revolutionary ideas in his youth. She joined the party and became a professional revolutionary in 1902, while still an 18-year-old girl. It is clear that without the persecution of the tsarist authorities, was not. If you believe the publication of “the Jews and the Jewish people” in 1963, the first time Lazurkina, whose party pseudonym was “Sonya”, was arrested for preparing a may day demonstration in St. Petersburg. After the liberation, Sonia moved to Odessa, but soon had to flee from there.

the Party group sent Douro Lazurkina to Geneva, which at the time were Vladimir Ulyanov and Nadezhda Krupskaya. New 1905 Lazurkina met with the revolutionary married couple. Subsequently, according to the historian Boris Sokolov (author of the book “Lenin and Inessa Armand”), Recalling the words of the most Dora Abramovna, this meeting in Geneva was one of my fondest memories of her youth. In January she returned to Petersburg. In the Northern capital Lazutkina graduated from the pedagogical University, but the party don’t quit. In 1934 she became the instructor of the Leningrad city ultraportale. But three years later he was arrested and later spent 17 years in camps.

a Memorable Congress

a few months after the liberation of Dora Lazurkina retired, but not retired from the political life of the country. So in 1961 Lazurkina elected a delegate to the XXII Congress of the Communist party of the Soviet Union. Many of the issues that were decided at the Congress, were associated with the cult of personality of Stalin. According to Nicholas Gray, in his book “the Origins and lessons of the great Victory”, after retired from the podium, Nikita Khrushchev, supposedly all of a sudden the first Secretary of the Leningrad regional surname Spiridonov asked words, and then, in his speech proposed to remove Stalin’s body from the Mausoleum.

Members of Congress, and Dora Lazurkina in particular, supported the proposal. To approve Alexander Bushkova, the author of the book “Stalin: the battle of helm” speech of Lazurkina remembered by many due to the fact that the old woman suddenly said that she supposedly “consulted on this issue with Ilyich.” Lenin, who, in the words of Lazurkina, stood before her as a living, said he did not want to lie next to Stalin, who brought “so much of the ills of the party.” The audience burst into applause. And only Vyacheslav Molotov said, “Just, in my opinion, a witch of some kind! In the dream sees as abuses of Stalin, Lenin!”

Weird tapes

Dora Lazurkina in fact until his death continued to impress historians, reminding myself sensational statements stronger than what she did at the XXII Congress of the CPSU. In 1971, shortly before death, Dora Abramovna dictated on a tape his memories, which included some interesting episodes relating to the murder of Sergei Kirov. According to Nikolay Zenkovich in his book “Power. Strife. Background” after the death of Kirov iovlev, Secretary to the Chairman of the Leningrad region Executive Committee Peter Struppe, told the secret of Lazurkina that came to him a woman who accidentally witnessed a conversation of a drunken NKVD discussing the murder of Kirov.

However, according to Zenkovich, in the stories of Lazurkina there are many inconsistencies. Historian doubts that with the Dora Abramovna, who then held the modest position of instructor of ultraportale, open up the secretR Chairman of the Executive Committee. In addition, at the time the post of Secretary were not iovlev, and Ilyin. Besides, if you believe Alla Kirilina, author of the book “the Unknown Kirov”, Lazurkina insisted that he personally was present in the analysis of the appeal of the murderer of Kirov, Leonid Nikolaev. That’s just the name Bolshevik in the relevant documents does not appear. Many researchers explain the appearance of such statements Lazurkina her old age: in 1971, she was 87.

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