Jupiler Pro League Sunday, ‘ he began, surprisingly, at the match against Anderlecht, but after an hour, he was sitting by his power. Steven Superior is growing gradually, getting back to his best condition to date. Laszlo Bölöni is holding it in place.

Last Friday, the coach the last that he it’s almost impossible to make, thought that a Superior is against Anderlecht though, it would start up. Sunday brought with him, tells me at the kick-off. Bölöni need to have a good laugh about it. “You don’t need to all take very seriously what I am saying. As I have often said, only 50 per cent of the truth. We waited until very late to a final decision on the case.”

Superior had, however, stated not to be ready. He has performed at 60 minutes. In the meantime, we are a year further on. “He has been following a special programme. Before and after the training sessions, he is doing additional things, you are specific to recovery-oriented. As it evolves, he gradually, however, he has yet to have a need to wedstrijdritme. He is on the right track. Whether he’s at the Club to re-start it? That shouldn’t be an issue.”

for how Long, and how much work it is to get the “old Superior” back in action, and it can and will Bölöni is not specified. “I don’t know exactly what it is today is capable of it, but I know what they used to be. We would like to try again, at this level, and he will definitely take that direction. I think he’s going Sunday, but with as much as 70 per cent of their capacity was. From 0 to 50 or 60 per cent, which is almost finished, but that procentjes that you will only get more difficult again to get. He’s getting the extra treatments, and will respond, as yet, very good in the training sessions. That is the most important thing.”