History 21/02/20 “Blue horse”: why the Soviet Stilyagi were not afraid of the KGB

in 1957 In Kharkov was created an informal organization of hipsters — 50 representatives of this movement announced the formation of their own government headed by the Polytechnic University student Yevgeny Grebenyuk. By the way, most of the audience were Komsomol activists, and children of high-ranking officials. The fame of this movement has spread very rapidly, and more and more young people began to join him.

a Noisy Assembly “Blue horses” was the name of this organization, took place just opposite the KGB building. The youth had not been touched, because its representatives was quite influential parents. Hipsters listened to jazz, rock-n-roll, and he Grebenyuk wrote articles about these musical directions.

the Courage and activity Grebenyuk did not go unnoticed — the movement was expanded and replenished with newcomers. At a meeting held in 1958 the congregation of fashionistas came over 800 people. The Grebenyuk swept past knowledge of the KGB on his hands and dubbed the Hetman. Over time, quite harmless “Blue horse” has evolved into an organization with the slogan “For the victory of the bourgeois revolution!” It was then that the word is an abbreviation, which stands for man, learned of the highest American culture: in other words — “dude.”

the Last trick

in the Summer of 1958 in Kharkov, suddenly appeared a few “Victories” and “zymes”, accompanied by a police motorcade. Many city leaders thought with an unexpected check was raided by Khrushchev in the years Nikita loved to take such a round-up to see how really things are. What was the surprise run toward the motorcade of the city fathers, when he swept past him up is fun dudes under the leadership of its Hetman. Riding on luxury cars organized avid dandy – son of the Minister of transport WithSSR. The Kharkiv party leadership did not immediately realize that it was a joke Golden youth, not the arrival of dignitaries with the test.

Vitaly Titov, Secretary of the Kharkiv regional Committee, reported on the situation in Moscow, and the story has reached the Khrushchev. “Blue horse” immediately called dangerous underground organization. Kharkiv officials rushed to save their children. Their sons had to go urgently to the army, and his daughters in the KGB to confess.

against the power of the mods

by the winter of 1958 at the apex of the “Blue horse” was raided. Was also revealed more than 5 thousand students, which maintained contacts with the organization. The KGB decided that this movement represents an anti-state structure, created with the purpose of the coup. Of course, for many of them were pressured and many admitted it was. They were saved by a statement of Khrushchev that the Soviet Union is no dissent, as a consequence, the matter was hushed up.

In January 1959, in “Komsomolskaya Pravda” published an article “Where he rode a blue horse” with a pretty offensive performance mods:

“Behind Komsomol beat dudes in the copper basin.
Hear the sounds of rock-n-roll and jazz howling hysterically.
a smell abroad, and the damsels and the youths
the Blue filly, blue stallions”.

support for the organization had a radio “Voice of America” and the Association of students of the United States. Russian hipsters in the West were called dissidents, and to support their movement was allocated $ 20 million. The KGB, for its part, suggested the Grebenyuk deal either with his henchmen tried as a foreign agent, or he refuses to help. Hetman refused, but mods still convicted of disorderly conduct and pornography, and was sentenced to a prison term of 2.3 years. The case was heard behind closed doors.

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