For the Rolling Stones, it’s a concert venue with a history: on Wednesday, the British rock band will conclude their European tour to mark the band’s 60th anniversary at Berlin’s Waldbühne.

The line in front of the entrance is more than a hundred meters long, people are waiting in the blazing sun. The gates open at around 5 p.m. A few fans have fainted because of the heat.

Stones fans told the Tagesspiegel which songs they definitely wouldn’t want to do without at the concert in the Waldbühne:

Mick Jagger, frontman of the rock legends, posted a picture of himself in front of the Brandenburg Gate on Instagram. “Enjoyed mine last night. Check out Berlin, see you later at the show!” he wrote.

When the Rolling Stones gave a rather short concert there in 1965, it ended with fans smashing benches, overturning lanterns and demolishing commuter trains. Dozens of people were injured and arrested, and hundreds of thousands of people were damaged. The forest stage was not usable for years.