At their first home game during the current stadium tour, the Berlin band Rammstein was wildly celebrated in the Olympic Stadium on Saturday. The musicians around singer Till Lindemann (59) delighted the 66,000 fans in the sold-out stadium with their stage show of martial music, lots of fire, deafening firecrackers and sophisticated lighting effects. Another concert is planned for this Sunday in the capital.

Frontman Lindemann, guitarists Richard Kruspe (54) and Paul Landers (57), bassist Oliver Riedel (51), keyboardist Christian “Flake” Lorenz (55) and drummer Christoph Schneider (56) live in Berlin. The six musicians came together here in 1994 and have since developed into the most internationally successful German band with their hard sound.

The band can fall back on the successful album “Zeit”, released at the end of April, which immediately catapulted Rammstein to number one in the charts. The musicians have integrated new songs such as “Zick Zack”, “Armee der Tristen”, “Adieu” and the title song “Zeit” into the two-hour concert program. Rammstein hits like “Sonne”, “Du hast”, “Mein Herz brennt”, “Mein Teil” or “Deutschland” were also celebrated by the fans.

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Before the concert there was a special action that went unnoticed by the waiting audience. Guitarist Landers showed the stage and some of the show’s props to a group of blind and partially sighted people. In this way, the band also wants to give some of these fans the opportunity to grasp the ins and outs of the stage set-up with its hidden special effects.