Beria's Amnesty of 1953: the biggest in Russian history

History 18/02/20/f Cold summer 53-honnesty Beria 1953: the biggest in Russian history

After the release of the film “Cold summer of 1953” the majority of the residents of the former Soviet Union formed a false opinion that this year the head of the USSR Ministry of internal Affairs Lavrenty Beria released from prison, only criminals. Freedom tower “thieves” and criminals are different “kinds” and this step Lavrenti Pavlovich wanted to worsen the criminal situation in the USSR and set over the country a strict control. In fact, during the Amnesty initiated by Beria freedom has received more than 1.2 million Soviet citizens convicted on a variety of items.

How was the decision on Amnesty

despite the fact that the Amnesty initiated by Beria, in history it went under the name “Voroshilov” as the document on its implementation was signed by the Chairman of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR Klim Voroshilov. In March 1953 the Minister sent the head of the government Malenkov secret note, which said that in Soviet prisons 2.5 million prisoners.

the majority of prisoners sitting for petty crimes, theft and embezzlement of state property. Lavrenti Beria proposed not only to grant Amnesty to hundreds of thousands of people, but also to change the legislation to decrease the weight of responsibility for not representing social danger of the crime.

Who sent

the Project Beria has received the support of, and in a short time, the Soviet leadership issued a decree on Amnesty. From the camps liberated all of whose term of imprisonment not to exceed five years. Under the Amnesty were prisoners sentenced for articles regarding job, business, military crimes. Let the women in the wild were children under 10 years and pregnant women.

the Amnesty extended to minors, people suffering from incurable diseases, women over 50 and men over 55 years of age. Sentenced to withrock more than 5 years, the time of imprisonment, reduced in 2 times. The decree did not apply to those who sat for the counter-revolution, banditry, premeditated murder, theft of state property in large sizes. According to the archives by the fall of 1953 from places of imprisonment, was released 1201606 prisoners.

more than 400 thousand Soviet citizens waiting for punishment was stopped. As a result of Amnesty, the number of prisoners in the USSR fell by 52%. Before and after Beria such a large-scale in the history of Russia and the Soviet Union was carried out.

Consequences of Amnesty

From places of imprisonment, the prisoners were taken by trains and prisoners, feeling their large numbers, staged riots and looting of the population at railway stations. Convicted of premeditated murder and banditry pardoned, but the country still has worsened the crime situation. Frequent were cases of hooliganism, robbery and theft. On the outside turned out to be hardened criminals by the age of 55, many of the gang have been released in full, also ex-cons have taken over the old because of lack of work.

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