Began to sleep more, have dogs and walk around the apartment: how isolation influenced the lives of Russians

Isolation has literally forced people to adapt to the new laws of life. How coronaries impact on the basic needs of people in their study found “Beeline”. The obvious fact — order delivery of food at home and communication in social networks become even more popular. But some research results are frankly surprising. For example, users of mobile Internet who still really needed to get out of the house, tried to carefully plan a route. In the article we present the unexpected trends of self-isolation, many of whom may stay with us forever.

To analyze a Beeline to classical pyramid Maslow, highlighting some operator services and services that can be used without binding to a specific operator (instant messengers, video hosting) characteristic of each of the steps of the pyramid. Dynamics of consumption of services on each of the steps of the pyramid were compared with the April – may 2020 (the isolation period) and January – February 2020 (ordinary days). The study analyzed anonymized data.