Showbiz TELEVISION journalist, Riadh Bahri (31), is currently happily engaged, but that it was ever otherwise. In an interview In The Morning he says that he was betrayed by one of his former partners, and that, too, in a very bad way to know it was coming. Leeshierhet interview.

When asked whether he was ever cool has gone on, it has Bahri instantly have the answer. “That’s when I found out that one of my dear to me have been the cheat with a woman, take note. I thought to myself, do I need to out of the closet tower to a man in a relationship to begin with, that is the secret to a woman before you go to sleep? How fucked up the world is, anyway? (laughs)so, I just came home from the Delhaize, and I have two bags of groceries in from the hallway, and thrown out. Somewhere in the wall, there is still a cap on a glass bottle. I had never experienced so much adrenaline in my body felt it.”

in the Meantime, he is happy with his current boyfriend, a couple of months ago, at the wedding early in the morning. The reporter went on in June on one knee, and went in to the Joshua Tree National Park in California, after which he was shown a photo on Instagram, you know. “Small-Riadh, in the knot itself. And to be part of the family. That is a small Riadh would never have dared to dream of, to a person that are 100% complementary. Who else feels what you are thinking and feeling. That makes me want to cry and laugh”, he added. “I never thought that this moment would come. Just now, I asked him what he was for the next 60 years of planning. The answer was obvious.” He added that he also has a ring for himself, and bought, because it can be done.’

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