Beast on the district: history of the Teddy bear Bears from the Heater (he sleeps on the same couch with a man and walks on a leash)

Bears in Siberia is a reality. So you can confidently, competently, to assent to a foreigner who heard, what we have here bears roam the streets. Though on the leash, but still very real clumsy. Before the new year bear Maroussia, which NHS wrote two years ago, gave birth to a cub. Its owner, businessman Anatoly Kozhanov, walks with bear in the neighborhood, and a six-month old growling beast was playing with him like a dog. However, not all of it seems nice. Recently, the owner came, people, presented by animal rights activists — after the scandal, which drew the police and the press, Kozhanov got all the documents for the bear. Next year he plans to build a new enclosure for their animals away from the city. Correspondents NGS again visited the nursery and met a bear named Bear.