Bateau Desiderii: Georgian soldiers were frightened of the Russian razvedchik

Heroes 18/01/20 youtube.Sabato Desiderii: Georgian soldiers were frightened of the Russian razvedka

the Story took place on 8 August 2008 in South Ossetia. Scout of the 71st motorized rifle regiment Bateau Desiderii were on duty at the checkpoint on the road from Gori to Tskhinvali, the capital of the unrecognized Republic. The Georgians, before that, driven from the capital, had regrouped and intended to attempt to capture Tskhinvali to repeat. However on the road they came across a checkpoint which put arrived to help the Ossetians to the Russian military.

Toward the convoy of trucks, under the chock full of armed Georgians, left one soldier — an ordinary Bateau Desiderii. He shouted to get out of the way, on that Bateau, spreading wider legs for stability, took his machine gun and the native Russian has sent them in a certain direction.

While puzzled the Georgians talked among themselves, the situation managed to photograph were traveling with the convoy of foreign journalists, then they tried to persuade stubborn Buryatia to give way. But the experience for him, members of the media to produce failed and was sent to hell.

In the end, the indecisive, the Georgians retreated. And while Bateau was not there all alone (the frame is not visible, but left behind him stood Ural, behind which lay his commander and another soldier), this does not detract from his bravery. Until Georgians decided what to do next, to help our arrived, two tanks T-72 and T-62.

ordinary Feat appreciated all over the world. “English 300 is not necessary enough for one” (“Russian and 300 is not necessary, enough for one”), wrote the foreign media. The hero who stopped the convoy, circled almost the entire world.

“what were you thinking About this soldier? What he felt at that moment? Unless he was not scared? Does he not want to live a long and happy life, to raise children and grandchildren?”, — surprised foreign bloggers. Later, the President addressed citizens of Mongolia, where the Buryats believe siblings, with a request to award the soldier the title of hero of Russia.

“Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich, I sincerely beg to draw attention to the fact that the heroic deed committed by ordinary Bateau Desiderium here services to his trusted position. He alone went out to meet a column of infantry of the Georgian army, not allowing her to follow on for the escalation of the conflict. This he prevented the deaths of hundreds and hundreds of civilians and soldiers on both sides. This feat certainly worthy of the high title of Hero of Russia. He, the heroic son of Russia, was killed in the war, protecting the innocent inhabitants of Ossetia. Please posthumously award the Hero, we believe in You.”

unfortunately, the title of Hero of Russia Desideriamo, if appropriate, and then only posthumously. Batou died in South Ossetia a few days later.

the Invasion of Georgia in South Ossetia called differently: Ossetians genocide, the Georgians — the restoration of constitutional order, the official Russia with forcing Georgia to peace, but to the world, this conflict is simply called “08.08.08”. Our country has not abandoned the brotherly people in trouble and sent to his aid the army.

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