Band of brothers Tolstopyatov: how are they surprised investigators

Crime 04/01/20 Band of brothers Tolstopyatov: how are they surprised investigators

Band of brothers Tolstopyatov, which in addition to Vyacheslav and Vladimir included Sergey Samosyuk Vladimir Gorshkov, from 1968 to 1973 terrified the residents of the Rostov region. Popularly known as “Fantomas”, because of the habit to commit crimes in the tense face black nylon stocking, they became the first in the postwar history of the USSR organized criminal groups successfully operating for such a long period.


According to the memoirs of Daniel Koretsky, in 1971, who held the post of the investigator of the Rostov regional Prosecutor’s office, the gang Tolstopyatova was struck by law enforcement officers for their exceptional audacity. These robbers never bothered neither the risk nor the large crowd of people. They did not stop a failed attempt, modifying the plans of the robberies, they committed new crimes. In total, the “Fantomas” made 8 failed and 8 successful robberies, killing three people and taking 42 000 rubles.

Despite the abundance of witnesses, they to the last case, managed to escape from the police, leaving the scene of the crime a minimum of traces and clues to the investigation. In the Rostov region, where in the 1960-ies the level of detection of serious crimes was 97%, the elusive bandits irritated law enforcement officials, to which were thrown forces of the KGB.

the Difficulty in apprehending the gang Tolstopyatov consisted in the fact that this group had connections in the criminal world. Themselves criminal authorities, as well as former prisoners have been wondering who the “Fantomas” and called for their speedy arrest, because the police closely monitored the activities of former prisoners, turning them into a constant questioning and verification.


the surprise of the investigators summoned an Arsenal of unique weapons available inokrujenii the members of the gang Tolstopyatova. Going to the robbery, they wore homemade body armor, they took with them hand grenades and rifles and pistols own unique build.

In the report issued by the forensic ballistic examination of Institute of judicial examinations of January 25, 1974, recorded that found in the hands of criminals with the arrest of four samozaryadnyj small-caliber revolver and three small-caliber folding submachine gun was original construction and had increased stopping power when shooting from small distances. In addition, home conditions were created by smooth-bore machine, called “saxophone”, which fired a 9-millimeter steel balls.

At the same time, public Prosecutor Yury Kostanov was skeptical about the inventive abilities of the members of the gang Tolstopyatov, claiming that all of their models were prototypes used during the First World war. Had no sighting devices, they are intended solely for firing at point blank range.

the Artistic and design ability

the mastermind of the gang, the younger brothers Tolstopyatov – Vyacheslav was endowed with exceptional artistic abilities. Since childhood he could spend hours scrupulously and painstakingly redrawn illustrations, and by the age of 15 moved to the forgery of banknotes of the USSR. Fake bills look so realistic that for a long time no one knew that he was paying fakes, exchanging them for real Gosznak. Favorite places of sale drawn money was wine and vodka Department stores and taxis, whose drivers rarely turn supplied them for travel money. Catching this feature taxi drivers, Vyacheslav decided not to overwork himself and began to draw a unilateral bill, it is not known how many drivers have fallen for his trick, until one of them by the name of Blizzard not turned filed by Tolstopyatova money. This episode contributed to the arrest of Vyacheslav, who immediately We confessed. According to the memoirs of the investigator A. Granovsky during the investigative experiment, Vyacheslav, using colored pencils, ruler, watercolors, blade and glue BF-2, four hours has recreated a surprisingly accurate copy of the 100-ruble banknote.

the Experts involved in the investigation of this case, were fascinated by the well-read, well-mannered and humble by Tolstopyatova, and even petitioned the court about mitigating the sentence.

In the end, a young offender received only 4 years of imprisonment with punishment serving in a colony of General regime. However, during the time of his release, he never repented of his actions, but on the contrary decided to organize a criminal gang, members of which became his cellmate Sergei Samasyuk, the elder brother of Vladimir, and their mutual friend Vladimir Gorshkov.

the way the eldest of Tolstopyatova also showed a desire to draw, although his true passion was designing. According to his drawings, was made a unique weapon for the gang. Moreover, after the arrest he claimed that the foray of his accomplices carried out only with the purpose to raise money on the implementation of its technical ideas.

At trial, Vladimir said that hatched the idea of creating a “power transformer” that would allow using special magnets to increase the power, and generators convert the energy from the battery pocket light with sufficient energy to illuminate half of the city.

a Cache

Savvy gang Tolstopyatova fully manifested itself in the creation of the cache, which was equipped with them in the wing.

From the stories of the Director of the Museum of the Moi of Russia in the Rostov region of Nadezhda Ivanova became known that the crime lab arrived to inspect the residence of bandits, for a long time could not find the secret room where he kept the stolen money, and manufactured weapons.

Only drawing attention to the fact that the external size of the house exceeds its internal dimensions, they are smart enough to push a massive mirror, which actually served as the entrance to the hidden room.

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