ARCHIV - 16.05.2020, Baden-Württemberg, Stuttgart: Michael Ballweg, Initiator der Initiative «Querdenken», spricht bei einer Protestkundgebung der Initiative «Querdenken» auf dem Cannstatter Wasen. (zu dpa «Ermittlungen gegen «Querdenken»-Gründer Michael Ballweg») Foto: Christoph Schmidt/dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

A good dozen lawyers want to take care of the imprisoned founder of the “lateral thinking” movement, Michael Ballweg. According to lawyer Alexander Christ, the high number is due to the fact that “we see at least the beginnings of a political component”.

Ballweg is a figure “who got the ball rolling,” Christ told the German Press Agency in Stuttgart on Friday. “That’s striking.”

Therefore, a defense team was formed. According to Christ, the lawyers should take on different tasks.