Police said that the officer who was wounded was taken to a hospital and released.

According to authorities, a Pennsylvania male was killed and shot by police after he allegedly fired on an officer while officers tried to execute a warrant.

Pennsylvania State Police stated that the shooting took place as officers from the Newville, Camp Hill and North Middleton Township police stations were serving an arrest warrant on Roger Wayne Ellis (54), at a Carlisle residence around 3:30 p.m.

Ellis was under active arrest for fleeing and eluding officers, as well multiple other warrants. Police stated that.

Responding officers found Ellis inside the house and obtained permission from the homeowner to enter. This was according to preliminary police investigations.

Police stated that Ellis refused to leave the house after officers announced their identities.

Police said that Ellis pulled out a gun and shot North Middleton Township Officer Ellis at close range. The officer was covered in their bulletproof vest.

According to authorities, officers fled and set up a perimeter around Ellis’ home before Ellis left. Ellis then “came towards” Ellis who was still carrying a gun and was shot.

Police said that Ellis was then shot by the officer. According to police, Ellis treated his injuries at a hospital and was released.

Police did not immediately provide his identity.

Camp Hill police claimed that they tried to stop Ellis last month after he drove a vehicle with an impaired driver’s license. Police claimed Ellis ran from officers trying to stop him, and that he committed many traffic offenses in the process.

His criminal record includes drunken driving convictions in Cumberland County in 2008, 2011 and Adams County in 2011. The department stated.

The investigation is currently being handled by the Pennsylvania State Police.

Carlisle lies approximately 120 miles northwest Philadelphia.