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WASHINGTON -- Johnson & Johnson's single-dose vaccine provides strong protection against acute COVID-19, based on an analysis released Wednesday from U.S. regulators that sets the stage for a last decision on a brand new and easier-to-use opportunity to help...
The malware, dubbed Silver Sparrow, has not engaged in malicious action. Mysterious malware -- that has not yet engaged in malicious activity -- has infected almost 40,000 Mac devices, according to the cybersecurity company Red Canary, which first detected the...
Amnesty International says it's discovered that a hacking group Called Ocean Lotus continues to be gearing more spyware attacks on Vietnamese human rights activists from the Most Recent blow to freedom of speech in the communist-ruled country BANGKOK -- Amnesty...
BEIJING -- China claims its Tianwen-1 spacecraft has entered a temporary parking orbit around Mars in expectation of landing a rover on the red planet in the forthcoming months. The China National Space Administration said the spacecraft executed a maneuver...
The rover, NASA's most complicated yet, came in the red planet a week. Watch the Martian landscape come to existence from the very first high-resolution, colour image released by NASA in the danger cameras on the bottom of its own...
The St. Jude's employee has landed a chair on the very first all-civilian space assignment. After childhood cancer interrupts her fantasies of being a NASA astronaut, a 29-year-old Tennessee girl is set to become the youngest American to visit space...
Facebook says It's Going to lift a ban on Australians sharing and viewing information on its own stage once it struck a deal with the authorities on proposed laws which could create electronic giants cover journalism CANBERRA, Australia -- Facebook...


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