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Tuesday, January 25, 2022
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Japan's parliament elected Fumio Kirshida, a former moderate who became hawk, to be its prime minister on Monday. Fumio Kishida will face an economy that is suffering from the pandemic and security threats from China, North Korea, and the leadership...
Jordan's King Abdullah II said Monday that he had not been improper in purchasing luxury homes overseas. This was to contain a growing scandal over reports of extravagant spending during a time when his country is struggling to recover...
She led a life of adventure that took her to two continents. She fell in love with a World War II fighter-pilot, barely made it out of Europe before Benito Mussolini's fascists, and she helped to build steel for the...
Alma is faced with a dilemma. Alma, a 6-year-old New Yorker, has tickets to a Saturday baseball game with her grandfather. Alma told her uncle that she would help him with a dance recital on Saturday. "I promised I'd help...
A coalition of over 20 climate and environmental groups launched Monday a campaign calling for an EU ban on advertising or sponsorship for fossil fuels. It is similar to the bans on tobacco advertising. To draw attention to the European...
On Instagram, restaurant menus and even deli counters are showing more use of the word "salumi" or its singular, “salume” version. Perhaps you have been curious about salumi, which is different from salami or charcuterie or ....?. Here are 101 facts...
Rishi Sunak, British Treasury chief, promised Monday that he would deliver an economy built on "good work and better skills and higher wages." The governing Conservative Party attempted to dismiss the U.K.’s economic turmoil as the growing pains associated...


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