Dogs Wally Conron bred in 1989, and the first labradoodle, and now regret it. “They’re all crazy or they have a genetic problem,” he said on the Australian ABC network about the are, however, a very popular cross between a poodle and a labrador retriever. He speaks of “a Frankenstein”.

The Australian breeder was of the hybrid variety, in 1989, in front of a blind woman who is not a trained dog in the house and was able to catch it, because her husband was allergic to dog hair. He’s had three years to more than 30 of his tried them, as a guide dog, because the hair of that breed, no allergic reactions are desirable. Conron thought that the poodle is not of the same nature than the labradors, and he began to cross it. Has been a success. The first guide dog from the new cross was made for a blind woman. The labradoodle was named to the Sultan.

Thirty years later, the labradoodle is one of the most popular cross-breeds around the world. But it is not completed to the satisfaction of the Conron himself. “I’ve got to the Pandora’s box was opened and the monster of Frankenstein, is released”, he says. “I think that the vast majority are either a fool, or a genetic problem. I also have a really cool labradoodle, but they are very rare.”