Strangely, Neil Parker, aged 54, is an experienced Australian trekker, but a heavy fall on mount Nebo, not far from Brisbane, he could not have foreseen. Parker fell out of the top of the falls is six feet down, and broke his leg. After days of painful crawling, he was saved.

Parker, there was a Sunday on its own to support you to go for a walk on mount Nebo, about 30 kilometres south of Brisbane. At the top of a waterfall that went wrong. The man in his fifties, fell and broke his wrist and his leg. He spalkte the broken limb as best as possible with walking-sticks, and began to climb. He had his broken leg and carry it. “It was very tough,” he said yesterday from his hospital bed. “I had to have a bandage around my elbow so that I was able to use it in order to inch further on to the west.”

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by Neil Parker and tried a spot where rescuers could find them. But it was painfully slow, due to the immense pain he was suffering. “After every 1.5 metre, I had to take a break.” In just two days, he slept above the main entrance. He was, however, a few provisions with him, and was able to drink water out of a creek.