Some accusers’did not feel like they were respected’ in discussions with NFL

An attorney representing the 22 girls who have filed civil lawsuits alleging sexual assault or misconduct from Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson took aim at the NFL on Wednesday for its handling of this investigation, including that there are no plans to repay any of those cases.

Tony Buzbee told FOX 26 Houston that four of his clients have already spoken to the league’s lead writer, Lisa Friel, on many occasions, but he attended the fourth session after learning that”some of those girls did not feel as though they were being respected.”

“Let’s be clear, every time these girls recount this situation, they have to relive it,” Buzbee said.

According to the report, Buzbee said that there are”likely” four more victims who want to consult with the NFL and about eight to 10 who’ve already spoken to the Houston Police Department, who he said”has been perfect.”

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said last month the team is looking into the circumstance.

“There are significant steps that we will be taking as part of our personal conduct policy. As soon as we get to this point we’ll surely make a decision,” he said.

Watson has maintained his innocence during and said in a statement released through his attorney, Rusty Hardin, a month the claims are a”money grab.”

According to a report from the NFL Network’s Rich Eisen this week, there were rumblings of a potential settlement.

“Is Deshaun Watson settling his instances right now? In the draft, that is all I heard, that was in the works,” Eisen said. “That’s why Peter King has a whole bunch of teams that are lined up for Deshaun Watson if he be a workable quarterback in the NFL at 2022.”

However, Buzbee made it clear in his statement FOX 26 that a settlement isn’t happening.