Julian Reichelt announced after he was thrown out as “Bild” boss that he wanted to make wide-ranging television. This obviously takes longer than expected, which increases the risk that Reichelt will mutate into a “has-been” and even be forgotten. That must be an unbearable idea for a 42-year-old who was able to conduct a huge media orchestra with “Bild”, bild.de and then Bild TV.

Reichelt’s currency is attention. Since leaving Springer, he has been able to achieve this in social networks, especially on Twitter. But that cannot suffice. He has been presenting an “opinion show” on the YouTube platform since Tuesday.

In the first 20-minute episode of the program “Achtung, Reichelt!” Reichelt spoke to FDP Vice President Wolfgang Kubicki. The publicist and the politician, incidentally the Vice President of the Bundestag, are not dissimilar, they see themselves as Robin Hoods in the fight for freedom against everyone and everything that is left, green, woke and the like.

Anyone who cultivates such a world-speak-enemy image feels safe, motivated, justified, even more so than someone who wants to save Germany from destruction, has to save it.

On Wednesday the tenor was: “Traffic lights burn our prosperity”. What followed was 15 minutes of straight talking. In Reichelt’s telescopic sight, above all, Federal Minister of Economics Robert Habeck (Greens), apostrophized as the “philosopher of downfall”. A class struggle is being waged from above, i.e. the Tesla drivers and organic buyers are demanding sacrifices from those below, which they do not want to make themselves.

The style is as follows: Reichelt or his team quote politicians, preferably in the picture at public appearances, otherwise quotes fly across the screen. Then Reichelt starts, he twists and turns the statements in order to gain this distillate from what has been said: Greens are doing away with our country.

And because they are infamous, they behave like the chairwoman Ricarda Lang: preaches renunciation – and what has she renounced so far? Honest work and a completion of their studies.

Julian Reichelt pays attention, “Attention, Reichelt” looks and listens, no one should escape him. In his point of view, he exposes, exposes, wants to open the eyes of his viewers, separate left-wing chaff from the conservative wheat, warn against a policy that supposedly wants good and yet only creates evil.

Reichelt doesn’t foam at the mouth, no, he announces his triumphs with a smile on his face. Looks out of place, the Mokante doesn’t suit him.

What is Julian Reichelt on Youtube? Karl-Eduard von Schnitzler 2.0? A preacher in the desert of reports and opinions? A truth-teller, where others always only cover up and cover up? There’s a little bit of all of that in this never-ending war reporter.

The number of hits shows that Reichelt is not alone, that quite a few are waiting for Reichelt to throw plain text in the faces of all the hypocrites and tear the masks off the faces of camoufleurs.

In the big media chorus, “Achtung, Reichelt” is still a small number. He wants and will round out attention there as the Springer formats browse. Reichelt could succeed in overtaking “Bild”, bild.de and Bild TV on the right. In the overall panorama of German journalism, he does not draw large circles. But that’s what it is: a seismograph of moods in the country that are more and more inclined towards radicalization and self-radicalization.