Almost two years after the riots at the Reichstag building, the Berlin public prosecutor’s office is still investigating 21 cases. A spokeswoman said on request that a total of 85 procedures had been processed in connection with the events of August 29, 2020. At that time, participants in a demonstration against corona measures managed to overcome the barrier and storm up the stairs.

In most cases (71) the investigators knew the accused by name. However, according to the authorities, the evidence was often not sufficient for punishment. According to the spokeswoman, a total of 51 procedures were discontinued. In nine cases, the public prosecutor’s office applied for a conviction by penal order. This is similar to filing an indictment. However, the penalty is pronounced without a hearing.

Such a case is also occupying the Tiergarten District Court this Friday. A 49-year-old, who was said to have been part of the group of around 1,000 people at the time, did not accept a penalty order, according to the court. That is why it is now coming to the main hearing, it said.