Temse At 45, he started to visit the gym and that is what Wim is Freyssen on his 90th still. Three times a week, he enrolled at the gymnasium in his home town of Temse, in order to have the strength in his body to hold on to. “A lot of moving around and nice to eat, and that keeps me young.” And he wants to have a long time to keep this up. “Sure, ten years ago, but until I’m 100 to get!”

the Party in the fitnesszaak of Oxygen in The Seed, in the town of Temse Sunday, which is the ninetieth birthday of william, Freyssen does not go unnoticed, and entered. He has many years ahead of the most senior member of the fitnesszaak. As always, stepped up with the strong last, the matter on Sunday at 10 am, but they are sportzak continued to be untouched. Instead of the weekly weights was given to Wim, there is a big cake and cava for me). “Ninety years old and still in a very good condition and we would like to celebrate. Everyone here has a lot of respect for bill!”, she said.