As traitors to Hitler helped the red Army in the Great Patriotic

History 17/02/20 As traitors to Hitler helped the red Army in the Great Patriotic

the First German collaborator was private Alfred Liskov, which is still 21 Jun 1941 defected to the Soviet Union and warned of the impending German attack. All the years of the war, prisoners of war NKVD recruited 5341 Germans, however, from the first days of the war soldiers and officers voluntarily defected to the enemy and the final figures of how many soldiers of the Wehrmacht collaborated with the Soviet Union is not known. In late 1942 and early 1943 in Soviet captivity were tens of thousands of German prisoners of war, among which began to conduct propaganda and skillful indoctrination.

the Russian special services facilitated, something the Wehrmacht called soldiers and officers, regardless of their political beliefs. In the German army were thousands of people who prior to 1933, fought with the Nazis on the streets of German cities, for example: Luftwaffe pilot Grislawski, received the oak leaves was a Communist and remained so after 1945.

Free Germany

After Hitler came to power a great number of German Communists and antiracist left Germany. They moved to the USSR and the countries of Western Europe, while maintaining strong organization and activity.

in the Summer of 1943 in the Moscow region is the formation of the national Committee “Free Germany”, which is 50% consisted of German Communist émigrés. It includes such well-known opponents of the Nazi regime as A. Ackermann, V. Florin, Pieck, Walter Ulbricht. The head of the organization was the poet Erich Weinert, who had in the past to war against the Nazis in Spain. After the victory of the Soviet Union these people will lead the GDR.

the Second part of the Committee consisted of prisoners of war, among whom was even the grandson of Chancellor Bismarck’s maternal line graph Aynzidel. The young pilot Lieutenant was shot down near Stalingrad, POSLe what was captured and became Deputy Chairman of the “Free Germany”. However, there was practically no senior officers of the Wehrmacht.

Union of German officers

In December 1943 was created the “Union of German officers”, which included senior officials of the German army, who were in Soviet captivity. The new Association is not directly subordinate to the Committee, but held his program.

captured, the commander of the 5 army of Paulus, was a man of decisive, who has long pondered his actions. A real “godsend” for the Soviet secret services became an artillery General Walter von Seydlitz of Kurzbach, holder of the knights with oak leaves and a descendant Sandline, commander of the cavalry of the Prussian Emperor Frederick the Great.

Walter Sandlin had authority in the German generals, and before the situation at Stalingrad became critical, he said, “Hitler did not understand what to do. I – hereditary General and know better. Need to break out of Stalingrad.” After the ring around the 6th army closed on the orders of the führer, to fight to the end, he said: “we Must give up. We need to save soldiers. I am a German officer and must save them.”

It Sandler became a “sign” Union and “German General Vlasov”. The task of organizing officers was propaganda in the German army. Paulus joined the Union only in 1944.

the Soviet leadership rejected the General Seidlitz-Kurzbach to initiate the formation of departments of German prisoners of war. He even offered in 1944 to land at Hitler’s headquarters troops, which will kill the führer. And his treatment has helped speed up the surrender of the garrison of Konigsberg. However, the German scholar Helmut Altner who took part in the defense of Berlin claims that the red army was the troops of the Germans who fought in the form of the Wehrmacht armbands in the colors of the flag of the Weimar Republic.

In November 1945, the “Union of German officers” dismissed, and Sedlica containedand one of the state Suburban dachas. During this period, he by order of the General staff of the USSR writing memoirs and advises the crew of the film the battle of Stalingrad. In 1950, the General was sentenced to 25 years in 1954, after a nervous breakdown, it is woven in the Butyrka prison. Through the efforts of Chancellor Konrad Adenauer Seydlitz returned home, where he overturned the death sentence.

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