As the Soviet military did to captured by the spooks

History 19/02/20 As the Soviet military did to captured by spooks

Every war implies violence. In the fight against the insidious enemy in the soul of the soldier is often no place left for compassion. The war in Afghanistan has become one of the most bitter conflicts of the past century: the prisoners if they took that turned their life into a living hell.

According to the laws of war

With the spooks in Soviet captivity was turned, to put it mildly, not too friendly. To understand the reasons, it is necessary to say a few words about the attitude of the Mujahideen to the captive servicemen of the Soviet Union.

the Basis of the Soviet troops in the country was part of the 40th army. At first, the attitude of the soldiers towards the prisoners to Afghans was emphatically neutral, no acts of violence were recorded. In any case official statistics. However, shortly after the beginning of the conflict the situation began to change. The reason were the atrocities of the spooks, committed against captured Soviet soldiers.

an Afghan prisoner for our soldiers was a real challenge. Been there shuravi – the so-called Soviet prisoners spooks – told about the horrific torture to which they were subjected to the Mujahideen. Prisoners were forbidden even to speak without permission. For the slightest disobedience was followed by severe beating.

Remarkable case, which occurred in April 1985 in the camp of Badaber. A group of Soviet prisoners of war engaged in battle with the Mujahideen in the hope to escape from captivity. The attempt failed, killing 14 soldiers and officers.

For boys

After the uprising in the camp Badaber treatment to prisoners of war of the spooks has changed dramatically. In accordance with the principle of an eye for an eye, the Soviet soldiers had transformed the lives of captured Mujahideen to hell, took revenge for the martyred comrades.

Some of the former members of spetsnaz recognized that captured the “spirits” had some problems “fuss and confusion”, and if so, then keep them any sense was not. Often mjahed was needed only as a source of information. After the capture he was interrogated, and the rest of my life spooks was directly proportional to the amount of information which he possessed. Knew a lot – was questioned longer, little was expendable.

most Often the prisoners, “spirits” contained in city jails under the protection of local law enforcement. They also needed a room in the location part. Living conditions there are not exactly call, but it was better than the so-called zindan – underground dungeon, where Mujahideen kept the Soviet troops.

“I have nothing to feed them”

Illustrative case, which occurred in the summer of 1981 during a military RAID near the city of Gardez in Eastern Afghanistan. The group of commandos had managed to seize six “spirits.” The commander gave the order to bring them to the headquarters.

However, after takeoff, the helicopter hijacked aboard the brigade commander sent a telegram, which reported that prisoners simply have no money to feed and that valuable food he dushmans not going to waste.

In the end, aboard the officers decided to let go of the Mujahideen. That’s just by the time the car was already at a height of two miles, and to land for prisoners of the Afghans, no one thought. In the end, “spirits” just released to “free flight”.

the case of the helicopter were not isolated. In the mid-1980s, after the beginning of the glasnost policy in the Soviet press beginning to leak information about such incidents. So, the media found out about 12 prisoners the Mujahideen in the town of Ghazni, was shot on the personal orders of the Deputy commander stationed there part. A military Tribunal sentenced the officer to punishment. Practiced as banal torture and beatings of captured spooks.

Journalist A. Nureyev once told the story of one of the soldiers, who claimed to own shot the seven prisoners of war of the spooks. Korraspondent was shocked heard, after the Soviet Union back in 1954 ratified the Geneva Convention on the humane treatment of prisoners of war. But it is necessary to consider that the intensity of violence in that war were so high that sometimes our men forget about any mercy against the insidious and ruthless enemy.

Camp for the prisoners

But there was also a special camp for captured by dushmans. There they were treated much better because it was prepared to exchange for the Soviet military. Usually “the spirits” were traded and demanded that the exchange occurred on the principle of “six to one”, that is, six Afghans on a soldier of the army of the Soviet Union.

Officially, the Soviet Union recognized his captive 417. The figure is unlikely to reflect the actual number caught the spooks people and, most likely, were reduced for propaganda purposes. In any case, our soldiers had to rescue from prison, and it needed the Mujahideen. To calculate the approximate number easy. If the exchange was usually done on a formula “six on one”, it turns out that only in the camps for prisoners of war, there were approximately 2500-3000 of spooks.

Ivan Proshkin

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