As the Russian officer was preparing the weirdest assassination attempt on Yeltsin

Biography 27/01/20 As a Russian officer was preparing the weirdest assassination attempt on Yeltsin

the assassination Attempt against Boris Yeltsin in 1993, can be called one of the strangest in history. The fact that Ivan Kislov, having done a long way from Khabarovsk to Moscow, was going to kill the President with an ordinary penknife.

Weapons and motives

Until the end of 1992, Ivan Kislov served in the city of Khabarovsk. Served Kislov, apparently, good. He held the position of assistant chief of Department of installation works of military construction troops of the far Eastern district, and in his 33 years he held the rank of major. In the privacy of Kislova, too, all went well: he was married and had a son-preschooler. No anomalies nor man wife, nor his colleagues never noticed. Inexplicable, from the point of view of people who knew Kislova, event occurred on 24 December 1992, when the major suddenly disappeared.

As the journalist and historian, Fedor Razzakov, in his book “Bandits of the Yeltsin era, or Russia, blood-washed”, Ivan Kislov nobody in their plans devoted. So about where he went and most importantly why, did not know a single person. But he Kislov was sure that he is entrusted with an honorable mission. According to the military, he had to deal with Boris Yeltsin for the destruction of the economy and the collapse of the Soviet Union. For this purpose, Kislov took with him 2 firecracker and a penknife.

Training and detention

Arriving in the capital on 1 January 1992, Ivan Kislov has found that firecrackers damp from the snow and came in complete disrepair. But man, this fact does not bother. To attack Yeltsin, he decided to use the knife. A few days Kislov with a knife in his pocket, walked the streets, asking to hear passers-by the address of the President. In the end someone told the major about the Old square, where indeed at one time lived Presidioso Almost a month Kislov followed the movements of the main persons of the state.

Finally, 27 Jan Ivan Kislov climbed the scaffolding to the attic one of the government buildings and lay in wait. According to Anton Maltsev on the pages of his book “the Antikiller. Handbook of operative and bodyguard”, Kislov waited in vain: the moment Boris Yeltsin was on a working visit to India. The major soon found the security staff. Avenger did not panic and began to tell the guards that he was only a local janitor. But the words of the detainee was not credible. So if you currently have Kislova was a military ID, it passed into the hands of employees of military Prosecutor’s office.

Recognition and sentence

one of the first interrogations Ivan Kislov has admitted that preparing for the murder of the President of Russia. He also talked about the motives that prompted him to take this step, and soggy firecrackers. The fact that Kislov had intended to deal with Yeltsin with a simple penknife, the investigators caused the first suspicions about mental health of a detainee.

According to data presented by Fyedor Razzakova in a few days from the far Eastern military Prosecutor’s office received a message that Ivan Kislov can suffer from mental disease, which was transmitted to him by inheritance. After that, Kislov was immediately sent on the corresponding examination. The military really was insane: doctors diagnosed him with schizophrenia. Kislova identified for compulsory treatment in a psychiatric hospital in Khabarovsk.

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