As the parade of November 7, 1927 beat Stalin

History 19/01/20 on parade 7 Nov 1927 beat Stalin

in the XVII-XVIII centuries the Red square has become the venue of solemn military parades. After the transfer of the capital to Saint Petersburg in 1712, they were held less frequently and then stopped altogether. Revived the tradition under the Soviet regime in 1918. Parades was not in 1942 – 1944. The last parade on may day was held in 1968, and November in 1990. In post-Communist Russia parades are held annually on Victory Day. For such a long story parades have accumulated a lot of anecdotes and incidents.

Originally, parades were held several times a year: 4-6 parades. Then he established the order in which the procession of troops took place on 1 may and 7 November, 1922. In almost all the parades were attended by Lenin and the members of the Soviet government, which has become a tradition.
In 1919, the parade was not impressed by its grandeur and beauty, the participating troops were without uniforms, dressed in what was a Civil war, not to shape it. In November 1923, because of a serious illness, Lenin was unable to participate in the parade, then on the red square set plaster sculpture.

But the conflict was a parade , on the tenth anniversary of the revolution – 1927. Some historians believe that on this day, Leon Trotsky tried to make a putsch, but he failed. Anyway, Stalin was struck in the truest sense of the word. Cadet military Academy. Frunze Yakov Osipovich Hunters aimed with the other cadets on the podium of the Mausoleum for the protection of the chiefs jumped to Stalin and hit him in the head. Took another swing, but his hand caught the bodyguard Ivan USIS, a scuffle ensued, during which USIS with a knife wounded Okhotnikov.

Last bandaged and released. In 1937 the Hunters was shot, he was posthumously rehabilitated in 1958.
In the parade of November 7, 1927 was not involved armored vehicles. Bad weather prevented the passage of aircraft over red square.

the Incident is connected with the famous parade of November 7, 1941, from which troops left for the defence of Moscow. The newsreel clearly shows that in uttering speech close-up of Stalin is not the breath and neither on it nor on the podium there is no snow, although the day was frosty and it was snowing. The fact that Stalin was shot separately, in the Grand Kremlin Palace, where he was made the layout of the mausoleum of plywood, painted the marble. According to the official version, a cover plate associated with sudden rescheduling of the parade and film crew did not have time to shoot Synchron Stalin during a speech at the Mausoleum. According to another version, the day the leader was not on the podium, he gave a speech from a closed room, and the troops walked past the empty podium of the Mausoleum. Version is not devoid of meaning, because no matter how shifted the start time of the parade, the filmmakers would have paid dearly for the fact that the failed shooting of Stalin, speaking to the troops, which never happened.

Konstantin Baranovsky

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