As Semyon Budyonny fought in the First world

History 17/02/20 of Semyon Budyonny fought in the First world

it would Seem that the biography of Semyon Mikhailovich Budyonny, legendary hero of the Civil war, the Creator of the First Cavalry known to the smallest detail. However, it is not. Part of the commander during the First World war in the fighting in Persia is still almost not been studied.

a Difficult choice

According to the military historians to 70 percent of commanders of the red army before the revolution, had served in the armed forces of the Russian Empire, having, at times, a high officer ranks and numerous rewards. Semyon Mikhailovich Budyonny from this category red commanders. A revolution, the future red army commander met in the rank of Sergeant relating to a Junior non-commissioned officer positions. While Budyonny had at least two crosses of St. George, which were given only for heroism on the battlefield. However, in his later memoirs, Semyon Mikhailovich wrote that “Georgiev” he had four, and the fifth he was stripped for the assault, but the document has only a confirmation of the presence of his two most prestigious awards of the tsarist army.

Given that Budyonny grew up among the Cossacks, it is difficult to understand why he sided with the Bolsheviks. However, as shown by subsequent history, the choice was correct. Fighting the way Semyon Mikhailovich after that fateful for him events are well known, at the time, as information about the fields on which battles he had won his medals in tsarist Russia.

Budyonny against the Chinese

Most surprising that the first opponents Budyonny after enlisting in the Royal army were the Chinese. The fact that their service Semyon Mikhailovich began in the far East, inevitably being an active participant in the Russo-Japanese war. The regiment, which served Budyonny, guarded the supply lines to supply the Russian army continuously attacked it from the rear of the Chinese bandits of Manchuria. During the First World war, Semyon Mikhailovich took place in the 18th Seversk Dragoon regiment showed miracles of courage already to the German, Austrian and Caucasian fronts. And together with him in the famous Dragoon regiment served many famous people: V. A. Agapkin – author of “Farewell of Slav”; I. R. Bagration – nephew of the hero of the war of 1812; A. B. Kusikov – poet, a close friend of Sergei Yesenin and V. M. Shiryaev was one of the founders of the Volunteer army. In 1915-1916, the regiment carried out operations on the territory of modern Iran and Iraq allied against Germany, the Turkish troops.

George for Persia

According to the memoirs of S. M. Budyonny, it was during the Persian company during the advance on Baghdad, the battle for the city of van, the future commander was awarded the Order of St. George 4-th degree. Nicholas II himself gave a speech in which he thanked the soldiers for their military work in the territory of Persia. However, to Baghdad, capital of Iraq, the regiment reached a total of 100 kilometers. The capture of the city prevented a change of scenery at the front. However, thanks to the skillful actions of Dragoons, considered the best cavalry of the army of the Russian Empire, in Persia, our troops managed to neutralise armed groups the Turks, not allowing them to engage in a war Persia on the side of Germany and its allies. At the same time he Budyonny, he published in the 1970s, years of memories, took this activity very actively. According to Semyon Mikhailovich, during the successful offensive cavalry regiment only had five days off to Baghdad. By this time the Turks, suffering heavy losses, were driven to the border of Persia. At the same time 13 thousand Englishmen with the English commander-in-chief of the corps by General Townsend, on the support which was moving Dragoons, surrendered to the Turkish captivity. The task of ousting the Turks from the territory of Persia was successfully solved, and to support the English from this moment didn’t make any sense. By order of the command of the regiment returned on the territory of the Russian Empire, just 100 kilometers before reaching Baghdad.

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