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the Greeting is “Salaam alaikum” (اَلسَّلَامُ عَلَيْكُمْ) — translates from Arabic as “peace” or “peace be with you”. This expression is used not only by Muslims of different nationalities, but also Arab Christians and Arab Jews. Given the different pronunciation of many Asian dialects, can be heard as “Salam” and “Salam”. It is cognate with the word “Islam” — “peace with God” is its original meaning. Most often, the greeting is “As-Salamu alaikum”.

the Answer, according to the traditions of Islam, appeared so. Allah has called the first man — Adam — welcome to angels and to remember that they will answer him. Turning to the angels: “As-Salamu alaikum”, Adam answered: “VA-alaykumu as-Salam WA warahmatullahi-barakatuh” (“Peace be upon You, mercy of Allah and His blessing”).

Welcome, as the Quran says, is one of the keys to Paradise. The Abbasid Muslim theologian Ibn al-Hajjaj, conveying the words of the Prophet Muhammad, wrote: “You will not enter Paradise until you believe and will not believe you until, until you can love each other. So shall I lead you that will lead you to mutual love, if you will do it? Spread peace between yourselves.”.

But there are times when the greeting “As-Salamu alaikum” to say forbidden: if one to whom appeal prays, washes, eats, or commits some sinful act. In addition, men should not greet strange women.

There are a number of limitations when uttering the traditional Islamic greeting is addressed to those who believe not in Allah, no matter it is Christians, Jews or pagans. Muslims should not therefore be the first to welcome non-Muslims.

the Salafi commentator of the Koran, Muhammad Ibn Saalih al-USIMJohn writes: “Indeed, we were not allowed to greet with Salam those among non-Muslims, who came to us from the West and the East, as the Prophet said: “do Not greet with Salam the Jews and Christians first.”

If a Muslim has any need to go to the Gentiles, that you should use other greetings. According to Islamic scholar, Sheikh Abdus-Salam Ibn Barjas it can be the following expressions: “Peace be upon him who follows the straight path” or “Good morning, how was your night?”.

What is threatening about the conversion of a Muslim: “As-Salamu alaikum” to the person not professing Islam? According to Muslim theologians, it leads to a number of undesirable consequences. First, it is a violation of the commandments given by the Prophet, the second is a manifestation of love, grace and attention towards the disbelievers, which the Muslim must avoid, thirdly, it is depriving non-Muslims of envy that they have shown, when the Moslems greet each other with “Salam”.

And how to react to a Muslim, if a representative of another faith said to him: “As-Salamu alaykum”? The Koran calls to answer the same way: “When you are greeted, answer with an even better greeting, or the same” (An Nisa 4:86).

However, the response of a Muslim depends on how the uttering of a greeting. If the particle “Lam” sounded clearly, the answer may be full: “WA-alaikum as-Salam” or the abbreviation: “Alaikum”. But in that case the particle “Lam” was uttered indistinctly or omitted altogether, for example: “As-Sam alaykum”, then you should only reply: “Alaikum”.

Exactly (“As-Sam ‘alaykum”) welcomed the Prophet of the Jews. The fact that “As-Sam” from Arabic is “death”, in other words, the Jews do not understand the intricacies of the Arabic literally wished Muhammad’s death. Therefore, in the future, the Prophet on a similar greeting commanded to reply, “Alaikum” (“and also with you”).

graduate Student of Islamic University of Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud Batraz Larionov notes what you need to pay attention to, in what tone it was spoken greeting a non-Muslim. If a follower of Allah asked sincerely, without a grin and malicious intent, then we can safely reply: “WA alaikum Salam!”. In addition, the Koran teaches to respond to the greeting of non-Muslims in the same way, as it stems from the call of Allah for goodness and justice.

Taras Repin

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